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April 27th, 2016

It’s amazing how easy it is to get into a routine.

I’ve been feeling pretty good for two months about filling a two hour massage with someone who can’t turn over. I’ve done this by compartmentalizing: 10 minutes on each foot, 10 on each leg, 10 on each arm etc. I start at his feet and work my way around his body in a clockwise direction. Usually, at some point, when I’m working on his left side, he’ll say to me “It’s the other side that hurts”. I tell him that it’s important to visit all areas to increase circulation and try to move some of the toxins and fluid and that should include the left side. Part of me knows this to be true, but a wiser part of me today thought, “why work on areas he doesn’t where he feels no pain when I could be working to address his discomfort”?

Today I spent a lot of time trying to get under his torso, not so easy, and work along the spine. I also spent more time on the right side of his neck and shoulder. He seemed to appreciate it, I can only assume this because he did not tell me to stop.

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