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John Donohie CMT


Sometimes being of a certain age has its advantages. My problems range from the arthritic to the neurological to just the aches that come from being sentient. While the problems remain the same, I’ve become much more discriminating about the solutions. Pharmaceuticals have limited utility. Massage is much better and the relief much more enduring. The problem has always been in finding the right practitioner; no small feat, believe me. When met John, I was impressed by his friendly, open approach. During our first session in the comfortable studio at the back of the home he shares with his partner, I began to feel that maybe my problem was finally solved. It was. John is always open to questions, willing to offer suggestions, but is always focused on the work. He encourages feedback but is comfortable with silence, too, which is very important to me. His professionalism combined with his technical proficiency – he has an innate ability to move from one modality to the other – are such that now, several sessions later, I have no doubt that they have significantly improved the quality of my life.

“Another amazing deep tissue massage from John!! My back and neck are a real challenge – lots of knots and tension. John knows how to read where to focus and what depth and intensity of pressure to use.

I’m a neuromuscular massage therapist who specializes in trigger point and deep tissue work. I work for 5 different offices, including 3 chiropractors, constantly applying high pressure with my hands and elbows.Consequently, I’ve developed a painful tightness that affects my neck, shoulders and lower back, especially on my right side. I don’t have much free time to get massage and I’ve struggled to find a good massage therapist who knows anatomy well and understands exactly what my problem areas are. I can say without a doubt that John has been the only one that was able to reduce the constant pain in my upper body……after just one session. I had my first massage with John on Friday morning and had to work that afternoon. My neck and shoulder were noticeably less sore thanks to John’s work that morning! It really felt like night and day! John helped me remember how truly therapeutic a good massage session can be and how important it is to let a real professional take care of chronic issues like mine. I’m so happy I found John. I’ve made it a priority to see him every week to keep my joints and muscles as pain free as possible.

My massage was wonderful. This was my first seeing John. He was very good at gathering information from me and taking my concerns seriously. I have lower back and shoulder issues. He concentrated on the areas helping to release lots of tension. I was so satisfied that I have made another appointment next month.

John is my go-to guy! I’ve been a professional massage therapist for 25 years and he is the man I trade with.

I recently moved to the area from the East coast with my family to start a new job – though exciting, it is also very stressful. I have always carried tension in my neck and shoulders and with everything going on I got to a point where I could barely move my neck! After I explained the situation to John he got me in ASAP (even cancelling a personal appointment he had in order to squeeze me in). As others have stated, John is very good at finding your problem areas and uses different techniques (deep tissue, stretching, trigger point) to really work the tension out. He also gives you tips on stretching to help prevent that tension from coming back! I highly recommend John to anyone that needs help with tense muscles or just wants a nice relaxing massage.

I treated myself to a birthday massage with John recently. It was a wonderful gift to myself and my body!
John has a very intuitive sense of what type of pressure and technique your body needs. He quietly and non-intrusively checks in throughout the process to adjust his approach. I’ve been getting massages off and on for 30 years and John is the best combination of Bodyworker and healer I’ve had the pleasure to engage for my personal well-being.

Lori (Reviewed at Beau)
I just had a massage from John. It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I’m a CMT, but haven’t practiced in a while. I’ve had many, many massages. John’s skill level was superior. Ky and Ted, the owners, have done an amazing job of creating a very relaxing environment, and they share a very sweet tea recipe that Ky’s grandma made. I’ve now booked myself for reoccurring sessions, it was that good.

Anya (Reviewed at Beau)
I’ve been a bodyworker for 20 years and am very selective in the kind of therapeutic styles I like. There are a lot of people to choose from and often times I am not happy with the service. Call me picky but that’s ok! I know what’s good and what’s not for my body. I just saw John at Beau Massage and had a really good experience. John is really slow and engages with the muscles in a relaxed, intuitive yet deep and necessary way to release knots and tension. I did the 90mns and he made sure to spend a lot of time on all the areas I indicated I needed attention on. I loved the ambiance. The clean white sheets, little attentions to detail like white porcelain tea cups and a carafe of water. The music was soft and soothing and the space very quiet. I booked another session with John on the way out the door. He is a devoted bodyworker and this is truly his calling. Highly recommended if you are seeking great bodywork in Oakland by the beautiful Lake!

I’m frequently thinking that I need to get a message because my body doesn’t feel right and then I put it off…for no good reason. John came to my house with his table, relaxing music and brought along a great attitude; calm and relaxing. I didn’t know what I needed from a masseur but John knew. He found my issues with his touch. The experience was good and the massage was renewing.

I’ve had 3 massages from John so far. John has amazing touch – very gentle, but strong and firm. Very easy-going manner and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I’m intending to be a regular.

Overall great Massage Therapist. John has not only a great touch but his knowledge of massage techniques and mobilization are very impressive.

The most amazing thing about John is his understanding of how bodies work and what techniques apply for specific targets. My first session (I’ve been back 6 or 7 times) I had a flare up of an old shoulder injury, that I suspected was rotator cuff. John did things I’ve never seen before (and I’m pretty experienced) and gave me significant relief. My experience of his understanding and talent has been repeated for specific issues and in general several times. Also, John is a compassionate spirit. I find that quite telling in a Bay Area that is becoming more aggressive and more difficult to live in. He harkens back to the people I met when I came here and that is really, really refreshing. Share time with John, you’ll be really pleased.

Amazing massage! John is very professional and knowledgeable. His years of experience really show in his expert techniques. He takes the time to understand your needs, and then he can use just the right pressure (deep or light) to get results. I heartily recommend him to anyone looking for top notch bodywork at a very reasonable price.

John asked me questions prior to beginning the massage to better understand what type of massage I wanted and what my problem areas were and if there were places I didn’t want touched or did want to have extra attention (feet and upper back!). He then completed a really great massage which to me means one that feel therapeutic and relaxing at the same time, undoing knots and tight places and releasing and relaxing other. I really felt fantastic afterwards. I would definitely use him again and I definitely recommend him highly.


John provides an amazing, relaxing massage that is wonderful in all ways. He takes his time, can be either deep tissue or less so in his technique, depending upon your needs. He always asks if there are any issues going on in the body that need to be addressed and whether there are any muscles that you feel are sore or otherwise need to be treated carefully. As important, he’s an easygoing guy who makes you feel comfortable with him immediately. Highly recommended.