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Wednesday afternoons with Mr. Slate

April 20th, 2016

Today wasn’t such a good day for Mr. Slate. He was in a bad mood when I walked in and was in a bad mood when I left.

I spoke to his caregiver about the weight gain and the fluid retention, which is getting worse. She said the doctor was in yesterday and confirmed that the weight gain in the mid section is also fluid retention, which is making it very challenging to transfer him from the bed to the massage table. Then she told me that Mr. Slate asked her to help him end his life and that he asked the doctor the same thing yesterday. He’s diabetic and has some sort of growth near his groin. He’s refusing all medical care and he’s cut off all of his friends one by one. He’s ready to go I suppose, and I can’t blame him. Unfortunately the human body can hold on for a long time.
In most cases, I would be trying to affect real change in tissue and making suggestions for self care between massages. This is so different. I have to remember that I’m there to just try to make him feel good for 2 hours of his day. I also have to remind myself to not take his bossiness and curt demands personally.
I don’t think Mr. Slate will be here much longer.

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