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John Donohie CMT

Wednesday afternoons with Mr. Slate

March 18th, 2016

Working with Mr. Slate presents some challenges due to the fact that he is bedridden and can’t turn over. The accessible regions are limited and some creativity is needed. He likes things done in a specific way, some that makes sense in terms of moving fluid and some simply because he likes them. He doesn’t hesitate to let me know if I’m not doing it “right” or if he wants more pressure or if he wants me to work some other area. He has a bed sore the size of a dinner plate near the base of his spine. He also has some sciatica, which would normally necessitate work on the gluteal region, which can’t be done with him.
This weekly treatment is a 2 hour massage. I divide the 2 hours into ten minute segments, ten minutes on each foot, 10 on each hand, 10 on each leg and so on. He likes his fingers and toes pulled and he likes cross fiber work on his wrists.
When he’s not in pain and grumpy he does muster a smile, and a smile from someone in that situation makes my work fulfilling.

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